Wedding Photographer Woolwich Town Hall

Wedding Photographer Woolwich Town Hall. Robert & Renelou were getting married at the Woolwich Town Hall recently, and they got in touch with me a few days before their ceremony. They initially did not want to have a photographer – however, at the last minute, they had a change of heart and then decided that they did want their wedding to be photographed – I am so pleased that they changed their minds.

As soon as I saw Robert and Renelou they were both beaming with joy and looked so happy just being with each other!!! Robert & Renelou had invited 4 of their closest friends. However, both sets of families were unable to make it to the wedding.

The ceremony was short, but it was lovely. Robert and Renelou did not stop smiling – they were an absolute joy to photograph. After taking a few photos inside the beautiful Town Hall – it was time to say goodbye as they had made plans directly after the wedding!

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Check out my other recent Wedding Photography 

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