Tudor Barn Eltham Wedding Celebration

Tudor Barn Eltham Wedding Celebration.  

I first met Dani and Tom at the Tudor Barn Wedding Fayre back in 2019!!! That seems so long ago now….so much has happened since then. Dani and Tom had originally planned their wedding for 2020 however, due to the Global Pandemic, they had postponed their wedding until 2021. 

In mid-2020, when the lockdown rules started being relaxed, Dani contacted me as she wanted to have a couples portrait on the date they originally planned as their wedding day. I thought that was such a great thing to do, especially since we had all been in lockdown for six months or more. Here is a link to their gorgeous couples session. 

Fast-Forward to 2021, and some couples are still feeling the effects of the Pandemic restrictions.  Dani’s family are from Sweden and would have been unable to join them on their special day. Dani is very close to her family so rather than postpone their wedding again, they decided to continue with their day as a celebration day instead.  

Once travel restrictions return to normal Dani and Tom will continue with their original plan and get married with all their family present. 

Check out my other recent Wedding Photography 

Check out my other recent Wedding Photography 

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