Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photographer. I was contacted by Guillaume & Mary last year as they had recently got engaged and they were looking to have an engagement shoot in Central London. We had the session, and they absolutely loved the pictures…

They loved the photos so much – they wanted me to photograph their wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. I told them that it was such a coincidence as I am actually one of their recommended suppliers!!!

On their wedding day, Guillaume & Mary invited some very close friends, as both Guillaume & Mary had family living abroad and could not make it to the wedding in London.

However, that being said, this did not stop the happy couple from having a fantastic day. Guillaume was waiting outside the Town Hall. Mary arrived via Taxi, and you could see that they were so excited to see each other!!! It was beautiful.

Equally – during the ceremony, Guillaume and Mary had prepared some vows to read to each other… The emotions were real and so intense from both of… It was such a touching moment – Then I looked around at the guests and was surprised to see that almost all of the quests were in tears from the vows (yes… even the guys had shed a few tears). I have never experienced that before!

After the emotional ceremony, everyone celebrated with drinks and Champagne on the steps of the Town Hall!!! What a great way to start married life!!!

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Check out my other recent Wedding Photography 

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